How to Write Professional Email Subject Lines: The Secret

Subject lines are the most essential part of a campaign's success. Irrelevant subject lines with spammy words will have more chances for your message to land in a spam folder. Businesses need to write perfect, eye-grabbing professional lines to make their message stand out. 

A best email subject line for sales will make the recipient click on it and read your entire message. This is because people judge the email content based on the subject. Therefore, optimize your subject line to boost your email marketing campaign performance. 

Subject lines are a small portion of your email body, but it impacts your campaign's success. By writing a good professional line, you can create the best first impression among your email subscribers and make you stand out in the crowded inbox of your potential buyers. This blog post will look into some of the most effective ways to write professional subject lines and examples that increase your conversion rate. 

Why the Subject Line Is Important

The subject and the sender's addresses are the first things the receipt scans in their inbox. If they find irrelevant information or if the receiver is a busy person, the possibility of opening an email solely relies on these two elements. 

Your email opening or moving to trash decision is to take email based on the sender & subject line. It is the element that impresses the receiver. So it is essential to spend time crafting a perfect subject line. Then, as its 1st impression to the receiver, ensure it is short, simpler, and error-free. 

If your receiver is not familiar with your brand, make the subject line an opportunity to introduce yourself to them. To succeed in your cold email outreach campaign, your marketing & sales team needs to make a strong impression and make them open to reading your email body entirely. 

Tips For Writing an Effective Professional Email Subject Lines

Craft Short Subject Lines

A good subject needs to be short and easily read by people. Make sure your subject line is readable on all devices, as many people check their messages from mobile devices. If it's too long, the audience view over mobile devices may cut off your sentences. 

Ensure you have kept all the important information read by the receiver at first glance. For example, ensure your line sentence remains under 40 characters. Your target audience wants to read through your message quickly. Therefore, good subject lines will increase engagement. 

Avoid Spam Words In Catchy Email Lines

If your line seems to be salesy, they are more likely to be marked as spam. So make sure your line is valuable to the receiver and avoid using caps, exclamations, and promotional words like free, buy now, etc. Using the spam words makes you land straight in the spam folder. 

Even though you have informational content that offers value to the receiver, the inappropriate subject will mark spam or never open. Therefore, the catchy opening lines need to be brief of your email message. It has to give the reader what they can expect from your message. 

Instead of focusing on promotion, try offering your expertise, sharing information your audience finds useful and ensuring you craft short professional subject lines. 

Ask Open-ended Questions 

Often, businesses want to grab the subscriber's attention. A compelling way to stand out from the rest and get noticed is to get readers interested with the help of a question. Asking open-ended questions on the subject will attract your subscribers and get caught in their crowded inboxes. 

When your subscribers see a relevant question, they'll naturally be drawn to it. And want to know the answer, and they may not even want to read the rest of the email, but they'll still be compelled to click. 

For example, suppose your business has an appropriate question on the subject. In that case, naturally, your potential audience to find the answer makes them want to know. Therefore, it is good to avoid over-usage of questions in your headlines or subject, instead of mixing and matching with other types of subject lines will help draw readers' attention. 


Take Advantage of Social Proof

Social proof is a strong motivator for client decisions on professional subject lines. It helps the potential buyers and makes sure that they are heading in the right direction. So always having social proof on your campaigns will have a huge impact. And move your targeted customer towards the decision-making process faster on the sales cycle. 

Instead of assumption, the social proof will give them action proof, and they can relate with your current customer and help them to move towards the most effective decision-making process. Here is an example of the social proof on the email line. The brand used the industry niche influencer name in this opening line, which will interest readers to view their entire email. 

Take Advantage of Social Proof
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Be Specific and personal On The Subject Line

When you want to make a networking email, make your networking message more personal by mentioning the specific about the event when you met them. For example, if offering a meet-up, let people know that you're happy to work around their schedule. You need to be flexible with dates and times as per their need when it comes to networking. 

Lastly, mention something highly specific in your email that the person said or demonstrated during our conversation. These most vital tips that always work when networking with others. It shows them how much you listened and sets it apart from all other networking outreach. 

Highlight The Value Offerings

When sending a cold email, it is important to include an attention-grabbing subject line that shows the value and communicates what your target customer will get from reading the message. In addition, the creative opening lines aim to attract as much interest from the email recipient by providing some interest in opening or clicking on messages. 

When crafting a message, it is important to keep it like they need more information before opening. Make your offer something valuable for them, not hit delete without scrolling down. Every message aims to make the person need to get more information before opening the email, so don't forget to offer up something valuable on the subject.

Check out "How to Write Formal Emails" to avoid sounding cringe.

Professional Email Subject Lines Examples

Here are some great examples of professional subject lines that will inspire you to create the perfect one for your next campaign. These subject lines are the most creative and engaging. 

Question Based Subject Line Examples

An effective way to make your emails more personal is to use a question in the subject. Building a good rapport with your readers is important and the best way of doing this is by using questions in your subject lines. Use questions that make you stand out from the rest of the message in your targeted customer inbox. Here are some of the effective questions on subject lines that intrigue or induce curiosity in the readers. 

  • Struggling to find a wonderful gift for your?
  • Who is in charge of X at this company?
  • Who does X for your company? Would you like to find them with a single click?
  • Our latest deals are here! Check them out now before they run out!
  • Celebrate with a fabulous gift from our store! 
  • Check out these amazing deals today before everything runs away!

Professional Good Email Subject Lines For Introduction

Professional email subject lines for the introduction need to be to the point & brief. Omit long subject lines with more than 50 characters so they don't get cropped on the mobile device. As per eMail Mondays reports, nearly 77% of emails are opened via mobile phones. So the ideal subject line can be less than 50 characters. Here is a good subject line example that catches the reader's attention while you're applying for a job. 

  • Nice meeting you, [First Name]!
  • Hello from [Name] Budget planning workshop
  • [First Name] Quick query about (insert topic here)
  • I have some awesome info about [Insert The Topic]
  • [First Name], let’s collaborate [Project Nme]

Professional Meeting Subject Line

The professional meeting reminder email would discuss how we can improve our working relationship and identify areas where you can provide more value to customers. Therefore, meeting request messages must be professional, even when requesting a meeting with someone you know well. To ensure your meeting request gets answered quickly, we recommend that you include clear details such as the purpose of the meeting in the subject line and mention the meeting date. Begin the email by stating who you are and why you are writing. Then, make sure that your email body includes a brief summary of what you would like to discuss during the meeting. Finally, end the email by thanking the recipient for their time and indicating when you will follow up on the email.

The subject line example is "quick question about our meeting on Tuesday." This sentence has a few goals. The email line wants to make sure the reader knows it's about a meeting, that the question is quick, and that the meeting is on Tuesday. In just a few words, this email accomplishes all of its goals. Try using the reminder email line samples if you're looking for an attention-grabbing subject line for your next email.

  • Follow up for meeting from the [ Expo Name]
  • Don’t miss out…. We have an appointment tomorrow.
  • Special thanks to you for scheduling an appointment with [CEO Name]
  • We're excited about our meeting with you!
  • Please confirm your presence at the [meeting name]!
  • Thanks so much for setting up the appointment with [Name]


Applying these strategies to your marketing can be a powerful way to increase opens, clicks, and conversions. Subject lines are critical factors in determining whether or not someone will even open your email. The right tone on the lines can make or break a message, so it’s important to get it just right. With these tips, you can create professional email subject lines that will help you connect with your customers and drive sales.

It's necessary for a business to stand out from the crowd by using subject lines that capture their interest. In order to write a subject line that will get your message read, it's important to keep a few things in mind. First, be sure to use a tone that is professional and courteous. Second, make sure the subject line accurately reflects the content of the email. Finally, avoid using all caps or too many exclamation points!. 

These tactics are often seen as spammy and can cause your email to be ignored or deleted. By following these tips you can easily boost the chances of your emails being read and responded to promptly.  We shared a few examples of how you can apply them to create more effective subject lines for your next campaign. 

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