Reminder Email Subject Lines To Revive Your Customers Up

Nearly 85% of marketers utilize email marketing as part of market strategies. But, did you know that follow-up is the most effective type of email, but they’re also the least sent? The leading business expert research has found that the sixth attempt typically reaches 95% of all converted leads. So performing follow-ups is essential if a business misses most of its sales opportunities. 

That's why it is so important for your follow-up to get opened. But unfortunately, not all the emails you sent are being clicked, and some may even end up in the spam folder. A business needs to make their ideal reminder to get opened by the users. In fact, as per Invesp findings, nearly 47% of the recipients open their email in their inbox based on the subject lines. For any business implementing personalization on the subject is the most effective way to improve the open rate by 50%.

Using the smartwriter tool, you can well-crafted personalized reminder subject line that moves the user to click and reply to your reminders. This article shows how businesses can create an effective reminder subject that enables the sales team to close more deals, build relationships with potential customers & grow their business. 

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Why are Reminder Email Subject Lines So Important?

The statistic says that almost 35% of recipients of the emails are opened truly based on the subject. A good subject makes the difference in opening and marking your email as spam. Therefore, having a catchy line is the most crucial element of a marketing campaign.

That's why it’s so essential to ensure your subject line is offering value, creative, and engaging the receiver; otherwise, all your hard work in creating a strong campaign with a valued email body will simply go to the trash folder just because of the subject line. So it is more important to take time to craft the best email lines that don't deserve the chance of being thrown away with a quick deleted glance.

Some emails will inevitably fall but learn from the past mistakes and improve future subject lines. However, through a/b testing, your reminder subject ensures which works and finds the improvement that makes the recipients open and not unsubscribe.

Tips To Craft A Reminder Email Subject Lines That Gets High Open Rates

If you have a perfect eye-grabbing reminder email line, your campaigns would have higher chances of click and response rate. Here are some tips while crafting a reminder email line. Email lines need to be impactful and land in the customer's inbox. 

Craft A Reminder Email Subject Lines That Gets High Open Rates

1. Personalization

Personalized email marketing is a proven successful strategy. While working on the personalized reminder subject line, make sure you have a human touch in it that eventually accelerates your conversion rate. You can add the recipient name or craft a hyper-personalized line using the Smartwriter application. You can make them even more special through personalization by implementing customized lines. You can craft perfect lines by keeping track of your customers' interests, location, birthdays, etc.

2. Avoid Spam Words

Try something fun or creative in the subject instead of overused marketing words like buy, sale, and sale. It's always better to stand out from other marketers by being creative with your content. Sometimes it works and makes an emotional connection with potential participants at the same time, making your email spammers. 

3. Make Sure You Have A Clear & Precise Approach

Keep your reminder subject precise, simple, clear, and to the point. When writing the subject line for your emails, keep it short but informative. Make sure that you summarize what's in each email nicely with 50 characters or less so people can easily grasp their interest and decide whether they want more info from the sender. Having fewer characters on the subject lines is concise and has a better chance of opening immediately.

4. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Almost 85% of professionals use their smartphones to check their email, so a business must optimize their follow-up lines on the mobile device. Any smartphone can show the 1st 5-7 words of the email line, so while crafting the lines make sure you are creating and optimizing for the customer to check on their mobile devices. The first two words of your subject have to do the needful to make the receiver open.

5. Highlight The Benefits or Values Of Your Product/Services

The value of your products/services highlighted in the subject will make customers interested and drive better conversions for your business. If you want to increase the conversion rates through your marketing, you need to pay attention to the customer's curiosity by highlighting the benefits of your subject. 

6. Timely Headlines Or Trending Topics

Subject lines are a significant method to acquaint your subscribers with your business and pique their interest. Crafting highly relevant that incorporates trending topics or timely headlines into your subject will grab your subscribers' attention. This will make them to click on your email. 

Relevant in your follow-up email subject lines can capture readers' attention and get them clicking on links. Ensure it is catchy and appropriate to engage the subscribers and make them more likely to open messages. 

7. Create a Sense of Urgency

According to Invesp, subjects expressing urgency and exclusivity tend to generate a 22% higher open rate. Therefore, communicating urgent and exclusive messages in your reminder can urge your subscribers to act now without being pushy. For example, you can use these phrases: 24-hour offer, Only this time, Free shipping promo, Few rooms left at this super-low rate, etc. 

Creating a sense of urgency on the subject lines by offering like Special Discount for our VIPs only. This works because people naturally have a desire for things that are rare. Writing things like Limited time offer! this will get your subscribers' hearts racing and it makes an urgency that gets them to convert or click through. Fear of missing out on offers (FOMO) on the reminder lines can get people to open your emails. While you use it carefully, ensure you are using it only when it truly calls for immediate action.

Best Reminder Email Subject Lines Examples To Revive Your Customers Up

People receive tons of emails in their inboxes, and your best subject lines hook your potential targeted customer. It needs to sound, not simple and generic so that you can improve your open rates today. Increase open rates than before with personalized subject lines. We put some of the most effective professional subject line examples that you can use in your next marketing campaigns.  

With these Examples, you know how to create an effective subject. This will give a better idea of writing, grabbing attention to subject lines that make the best first impression with potential customers. 

Create an effective email line and don't overlook the subject lines as small elements of your email. Still, it is an important piece of content with your marketing campaign to hook users' attention. 

Event Reminder Email Subject Line Examples

The most common market is that while sending reminders they spend most of their time crafting a perfect email body and design and spend less than a minute on the subject lines. To make your email copy ready, you need to craft powerful email subject lines for your event reminders as it is the first thing your subscribers have in their inboxes. Before you jump into crafting an email copy. Here are some examples that you can experiment with.

  • Don't forget to mark your calendar for {Date}
  • Hey {Name} , {Event Name} is selling out!
  • On {Date} don't get lost!📍
  • Don't miss out! Make sure to register {Event Name}
  • Are you ready for Largest {Event Type} in {Place}
  • The countdown is on! ⏳
  • Meet the speakers at {Event Name}!
  • Reminder, Are you ready for {Event Name}
  • {Event Name} Starting tomorrow! 
  • Mark your calendar for {Event Name}

Survey Reminder Email Subject Lines

The surveys are important, but they can be time-consuming. Today not everyone is willing to fill out their survey through your initial outreach, so sending a reminder with a catchy line entices the user. Make sure you use creative subject lines to get people interested in filling them out. Using creative lines will attract people to fill out their information.

  • Hey {Name}, We want to know your opinion {Topic} with us and get 30% off.
  • I want to know what you think, {Name}! 
  • I'm so excited to know what you think about the new {{Product  Name}}
  • We know you must be excited about our new {Product Name}!
  • We need feedback from YOU: what do YOU think?
  • What is our plan to improve the user experience of {Product Name}?
  • How can we improve your experience using {Product Name}?
  • Hey {Name}! Take our survey and earn 25% off on your next purchase!

Payment Reminder Email Subject Lines

These gentle payment reminder emails make your client's forget about their dues or membership renewal etc. If people tend to forget about essential invoices and renewals?  then it is good to send reminders. This helps avoid any unnecessary headaches. 

People are busy and sometimes they forget their bills or membership renewal. To make sure your clients don't miss out on paying for the services that you've provided, give them a gentle reminder. Here are some payment reminder lines.

  • Follow-up on invoice # {Invoice Number}
  • {Invoice Number} is one week overdue
  • Urgent: You have past due for invoice number {Invoice No} 
  • Payment reminder is due on the next business day
  • Final payment reminder - IMPORTANT
  • [Company Name] - Overdue payment - [Invoice Number]
  • [Company Name - Invoice Number] Regarding Your Overdue payment 

Meeting Reminder Email Subject Lines For Business 

To ensure your meeting request emails get answered quickly, we recommend that you include clear details such as the purpose of the meeting in the subject line and mention the meeting date.

  • Please confirm your presence for a meeting at 3 PM.
  • Please confirm your presence {{Meeting Name}} at {{Time}}!
  • Meeting Today: We need you to join us later today!
  • Meeting tomorrow: Please provide your confirmation right away
  • Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! 
  • Meeting tomorrow at 9 AM, please provide your confirmation right away


Although it may seem like a small detail, the right subject line can make all the difference when getting your recipient to open your message. It is vital to keep in mind the tone of your email subject when sending catchy reminder emails. 

It needs to be friendly, but a professional tone will help your customers feel appreciated. Use Smartwriter to personalize your reminders that get responses from customers. The blog post enables you to craft irresistible subject lines for your campaign. Test out different subject lines and see which ones generate the most engagement.

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