Subject Lines For Networking Emails To Build More Connections

Networking emails are the best way to build your professional network and find new opportunities. You can use these to ask for advice, develop connections with others in similar fields as yours, or catch up on what's happening within an industry you're interested in. 

Effective cold networking could send these out after attending an event or asking advice from someone you met at one. In these kinds of networking, emails establish a relationship. Instead of writing subject lines that don't interest or engage your audience, take the time to craft creative and captivating messages. You'll surprise more people will respond. 

Networking events are a huge opportunity for any business. Make sure your networking messages are as effective and engaging. It would be best to focus on the subject line that will pique the recipient's interest. A networking strategy requires timely follow-up and the best introduction to grab the recipient's attention. This blog post provides top examples of networking subject lines to help you craft your next networking outreach email.

What Is The Networking Subject Line?

What Is The Networking Subject Line?

Networking subject lines are the first thing when your prospects receive your message. The subject line is catchy and informative and needs to capture the reader's attention. 

Your effective networking subject line needs to include keywords that match the content of your email body. It is the first impression of your brand. It should be engaging, creative, and informative so that the recipient can't help but open it.

Networking is often overlooked and deleted without opening. A subject line that makes the recipient curious will help them open your email. Write a strong and attractive line with the following networking subject line tips & strategies.

Why Is Networking Email Subject Lines More Important?

The subject line needs to sell a story and convert the inspiration into action. About 35% of recipient's opens are completely based on the subject line. At the same time, it is the element where 69% of recipients report as spam. So to make your stand out in the subscriber's inbox and keep your email away from the recipient's spam folder & trash, your business needs to craft a perfect creative networking subject line.

The subject line captures a person's attention and draws them in to read your networking email. As the blog article tiles, the key element in your networking email proves the reader to open & respond. Great subject lines ensure they don't delete or neglect it without further reading, so get creative. 

If the subject line is ineffective, there's likely more chance of getting deleted. So while crafting the subject line, you make sure you choose the right one for your networking because it will make or break the effectiveness of the email. 

Making personalization on the networking subject lines will make your message not sent to spam by the recipient. And also convey information on these lines because people see in their inbox that determines whether they'll open it based on what they expect when opening your email. So make the subject lines a priority right now for your recipient.  

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Write An Compelling Networking Subject Line

Here are the most important steps you need to know before writing networking subject lines that get more open & conversion rates. The first and foremost thing is ensuring the subject is short and sweet and includes the main points of your message and some keywords or phrases that will help your message stand out from the crowd.

Create it as Personal/Personalization

Personalizing your subject line clarifies to the recipient that you're not spamming them and helps build a connection between your brand. It also helps your networking subject line stand out from the crowd and makes it more likely that they'll open up. Here are the ways you can personalize your subject line.

  1. Personalize your subject line by including the recipient's name, job title, or mutual interests or mutual connection, or mutual acquaintance. 
  2. You can also include an attention-grabbing phrase like "I hope you're feeling well!" to make them special.
  3. For more personalized messages on LinkedIn, use events that both attended together as a way of connection. 

Keep Your Message Brief & Clear As Possible

If you're looking to maximize the chance that your email will be opened, make sure not only a short subject but also use eye-catching content like videos or images to stay on your message. 

Today many individuals use their smartphones to open their email, so making fewer words in the subject line will greatly optimize smartphones. It's always good to have a line around 40 char instead of having a  long-worded email subject line. 

Write A Catchy Subject Line For Your Networking Emails

Generic subject lines are overlooked more than catchy or urgent ones. So, it's important to think about how you can create an introduction that will grab their attention from the start. Crafting introductory emails can be tricky when it comes to networking. These subject lines are boring and won't be opened by the recipients. So, instead of using a simple one-word message, try to use something more creative, catchy subject lines for sales emails. These catchy phrases work well to ensure that the recipient sees your email. 

You need to try something that will get your reader's attention and keep them interested in reading the email. Make your subject line interesting, compelling, and ensure the tone of their message is professional so that they will open. 

When you're writing your reconnecting email subject or networking, make sure it grabs their attention and gets them interested in opening up the email.  It is especially important if they've never met or spoken with you before. 

Avoid Employing Spam Language

More likely emails with non-spam words are more likely to be opened and read by the receivers. Therefore, avoid using capital letters, multiple exclamation marks, or misspelled words/ spelling errors on the email opening lines. Those things will only turn off your audience from reading what you have sent. 

Sales like language doesn't encourage your audience to open and read your email. Avoid using other spammy-looking behavior on your message, which ends up in the spam folder.

Make It Clear & To The Point

A successful response rate makes them clearer and concise in your email. Creativity and catchiness are certainly very important when crafting a subject. But clarity is even more important than creativity or catchiness. 

Make sure your subject lines are clear and concise so that recipients immediately know what the email body pertains to. In addition, your best email opening lines convey the contents of the email quickly, so the recipient understands what is being communicated inside the email before opening them.

Networking Email Subject Lines Examples That Improve Email Open Rates

Crafting the perfect networking subject line to make your message stand out that can hook your recipients and needs to convey what they can expect from reading on in detail. It's important when networking and looking at building relationships with people who might help spread the word about how great a company/product something works. This blog post will look into some of the networking professional email subject line examples that can improve your sales and boost your conversion rates. 

Subject Lines With Recipient's Name

Having the email recipient's name on the opening line will entice them to open the email. Start including the subscriber's name to make your networking outreach message stand out. While scanning their inboxes, they can notice their names that will grab their attention and open them up. Using someone's name in any type of email can entice them to click on it. Here are some examples:

  1. I'm [name], {position} at [company name]
  2. I'm [first_name] CEO of [Company Name], happy to work together soon!
  3. Hey, [name]! I'm glad you could stop by today. 
  4. Hey [name], thank you for the time to chat with me
  5. Hey there, [name]! I'm excited to hear from you

Stating You Met At An Event

After events, networking follow up via email by suggesting ways to stay in contact. For example, if you want to keep in touch with a new connection you have met at your recent event, try following up by email. Some follow-up email subject line how you can do it after a networking event for developing your network. 

  1. I'm happy to meet [Name] at [Event name].
  2. It was a pleasure to meet you at [event], I enjoyed our conversation.
  3. It was nice to discuss [Topic] with you at the [event].
  4. I'm is a great opportunity to chat with you. It was an informative event.
  5. Thank you for joining us at [event]. I appreciate your time!

Referencing A Mutual Connection

The networking email subject refers to a mutual connection. It is the most effective way to refer to a common connection-effective to improve your response. Here are some ways to say a genuine connection on the opening lines.

  1. Do you know [mutual connection name]?
  2. {{Name}} recommended we get in touch!
  3. Yes, I do know [mutual connection]
  4. Our [mutual connection] brought us together At [event]!
  5. We were introduced at a [event] by [mutual connection name] who knows us well

Reconnection Networking Subject Lines

Networking is an ongoing thing. This means that you always need to connect with new contacts and people know to reach out when necessary. So that entrepreneurs use the best practice to keep on top of their networking game. In this section, we shall look into some of the reconnecting lines that make conversation & curiosity to the receiver. 

  1. A quick hello & congrats on the move!
  2. Let's Catch up!
  3. Request to chat about content [topic]
  4. Looking to exchange ideas with You 
  5. Introducing [name]

Followup Networking Subject Lines

The eye-catching follow-up networking subject line reminds the recipient who you are. They will know this is an email from a person with genuine interest. Make your subject line more interesting by using specific words or phrases. This ensures the person reading it knows who sent them an email and why. 

  1. Hey [Recipient’s Name], this is _________. 
  2. Hi Name, I'm just following up on our call/meeting the other day!
  3. Hey (Recipient’s Name), pleased to schedule another meeting with you
  4. Reaching out again if we could talk about {topic}?
  5. Hey {Name} I wanted to follow up and see how things were going
  6. Hi {Name}, I have quick questions for you 


Networking messages can be more effective when they focus on the other person, and it is an opportunity for a business over networking. When you make the networking outreach take the time to learn about your prospects and their interests,  common ground, etc. In addition, email personalization of your brand provokes them to be more likely to respond positively to your request for a meeting or connection. 

Subject lines are important for networking emails because they are one of the first things people see when they receive your message. Make sure your subject line is catchy & intriguing to people to open your email. Including a personalized networking message can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting a response. Learn about the best way to network best practices from the above article and start meeting people! 

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